Attention Neighborhood High School Seniors

The Damon Woods Neighborhood Association continues to support neighborhood students pursuing post high school education by awarding one student with a $500 scholarship.

This $500 award is presented to one son or daughter of a current member of the Lowell Damon Woods Neighborhood Association. The award is based on the following criteria: Community Service, Academic merit/G.P.A, Leadership/Character, Essay, and Letters of Recommendation.

To be eligible, a student must:

1. Currently be residing within the Lowell Damon Woods Neighborhood Association boundaries and be the child of a member in good standing within the association.

2. Be a graduating high school senior and plan to attend a post secondary institution in 2015.

3. Return all three forms of the application by the 04/19/15 deadline to the scholarship committee chairperson. Entries will be judged by the Lowell Damon Woods Board of Directors and the award winner will be notified by 5/15/15.

Interested applicants can download the required forms on your Scholarship page.