Shop at Metcalfe’s & Support Damon Woods

Neighbors, this April, head to Metcalfe’s for your “essential” grocery shopping. Every other month Metcalfe Markets in Tosa offers a neighborhood group their 5%-5% program.

Lowell Damon Woods is the choice for April 2020!

Metcalfe Markets will provide the Damon Woods Neighborhood Association with a month-long incentive to show appreciation for past and future patronage.

Use the coupon below to receive 5% discount on all shopping (unlimited). In addition, 5% will be donated to our neighborhood association on total purchases at the end of the month ($1000 limit on the month end match).

Show this image on your phone to the cashier.

(NOTE: Of all the grocery stores in the area, this is by far the store taking the most care when it comes to cleanliness. All carts are wiped down, they now have aisles that are one way only to limit people getting too close, have workers walking around cleaning door handles, and have the plastic shields up by the registers. Their credit card systems also allow mobile pay so you don’t even have to touch the machines.)